Bob&Dob is a fishing game made for #GBJAM5

! this game is still unfinished and w.i.p. In the end we couldn't find enough time to spend on the jam. :( We're planning on releasing a post-jam update though! :)

v0.2 update:

  • Added an outline to the switch which controls the first gate (it was too hard to see previously)
  • Fixed the music fade delay for when jumping in and out of the water.
  • Removed the ability for users to enter debug-mode :p
  • Enabled fullscreen mode on :)

! known bugs !

  • When you buy the NYI palettes, the game turns pure black, don't worry the game hasn't crashed. All the colors have just turned black. You can switch the game back by activating another palette, this might be hard though. I should've disabled the last 2 palettes but it's something that got forgotten near the end of the jam. :<

Expect to see an update somewhere in the future!


  • directional keys: move
  • F: cast rod / forward in menu's
  • D: reel back / backward in menu's
  • S: toggle shop
  • Enter: toggle fish-list


This is a game about fishing together with your best buddy. You search the ocean for the rarest of fish, and upgrade your fishing gear to become the best fisherman the world has ever seen.


audio: Shannon Mason @Pongball
art: Diane de Wilde @Ziryf
programming/art: Richard Lems @Rilemtwit

More information

Published Oct 10, 2016
StatusIn development
Tags8-bit, gameboy, GBJam, gbjam5, NES, Pixel Art, Retro, Side Scroller


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nice music

Awesome game
feels like i want to "be" in this world more and more
want to discover new places \ new characters \ new events \ new game mechanics
i want to save game and after come back - load and continue "Adventure" : ]

This Game Deserves a Trailer, So I made one!

(+2) calling my guy back from deep waters, my boat just floated into the sky and stayed there. :(

my boat just fly up into the sky and i fish from above the cloud

Cool game.
Seems like the "dead end?" is the end since there isn't much more to explore after that.

I like the concept.
Looking forwward to the full game!

This is a super cool game, but I can't figure out how to save. Is there no such feature or am I just stupid? :)

You're not stupid, there is no save feature at the moment sorry. :p

So I love fishing games, and this one is no exception. It's super cute, the palettes are nice, I love the atmosphere from the sound effects and very cute, "you're casually swimming underwater" music. I'm especially impressed with how you managed to portray lighting with the limited colour palette.

I found the controls a bit confusing at first; it's interesting how the game takes the arrow key to specifically mean to move in that specific direction rather than using the left and right arrow keys to steer and up arrow key to propel oneself forward. I think it does make more sense to have the corresponding arrow key move you in the direction you want to go; I guess...I wasn't expecting it to be like that for some odd reason. :P

It's a little odd how the screen gets super wavy when you descend. For me, it sort of took away from the atmosphere and made it look distorted. I was also able to teleport between walls in the space between two very thin brick columns underwater, where a fish was bobbing in between. Not sure if this was intentional or not, but it was unexpected, to say the least.

Aside from those two things, this was a great culmination of art, gameplay and music coming together to create a very enjoyable and adorable game. The chromatics and cadences in the swimming track are beautiful. Fantastic work for a jam entry, though.

One of the first games I've played on itch, and I love it. I hope to see this further developed :)

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Very well made! I loved the artwork and music, especially the theme and graphical effects while underwater. The shop is a cool way to keep people invested without breezing through the game too fast, and the fact that you can buy additional color palettes was a nice touch. The only part where the game seemed to drag a little was when I exhausted the amount of fish and didn't seem to have enough money to continue the game. But I'm really looking forward to seeing even more of this game in the future, being one of my favorites from the GB Jam so far.

Thanks for the detailed review. :) Glad you liked it! Also surprised you managed to mostly empty the sea. In the end we didn't have enough time to make a nice game loop. So once you've caught everything the game is basically done. We'd love to add more interesting powerups to buy with the money later. At the moment you just get the lamp for free so you can see in the deep, but originally it was planned as a shop upgrade. :p Glad you enjoyed it anyway! Thanks! :)

Oh man, i wants to play a complete versions of this! The charisma! (PS.: please, post Scubabear on itchio! =])

Hey thanks! Posting ScubaBear on itch might be a good idea! :) We wanted to add a scubabear reference somewhere in this game, but fell a bit short on time! :p

amazing game and fun!

when I buy the very black pallete, the game seems to crashed :P

Haha, yeah the NYI stands for 'not yet implemented'. So the bottom 2 palettes are empty! :P

hehee nice to know, but the game is awesome, congrats :D

I love this so much. Please make this into a full game.

Thank you! I'd love to do that! We'll probably release a few updates for this 'prototype' and who knows what the future might bring. :)

Really great, want to keep playing, but I need to go to bed. Keep up the great work.

Not Sure what I did, but the game crashed in the menu.

Looks great though! :)

I did not, but the boat rose to leave the screen used google translator