Note: This is a #gbjam game. I did some post deadline bugfixes but it's a gamejam game so there might still be some hidden bugs floating around. Be warned!

update 1.1 added support for gamepads supported by html5 gamepad API

Cuckoo Castle is a mini-metroidvania made for the 4th edition of the#gbjam . In Cuckoo Castle you take control of a lonely knight seeking to defeat the evil force that resides in the Cuckoo Castle, an enormous castle that appeared out of nowhere.

Rescue new heroes and battle your way to the highest tower of the Castle.


  • left,right arrow keys: move around
  • up arrow key: interact with objects / characters
  • D: jump
  • F: attack
  • enter: menu / mapscreen
  • Q at pig statue: teleport to statue near town

The witch character has a double jump!
Try and find the Bugmeister for a totally different playstyle!

audio: Shannon Mason @Pongball
art: Diane de Wilde @Ziryf
programming: Richard Lems @Rilemtwit

AuthorRichard Lems
Made withConstruct
TagsGBJam, Metroidvania

Install instructions

Unzip folder

Run .exe




cuckoo castle 29 MB
cuckoo castle 32 MB
cuckoo castle 37 MB


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very nice the pixels art nice butt can you add a shield  .over all a very nice gam

It was a very enjoyable game, love the sprite work and gameplay. I'm not really good with metroidvanias, but I had a good time playing.

And the jump+spamAttack is so funny to me, you just gliding with your sword.

this is a great game, but I'm curious to know as to how to wipe the save data


Nice game! But seems have a bug, when you on air and press attack, it's like a magic. LOL :D 

Nice Gameboy style Metrovania. Gameplay is simple and intuitive. You never change weapons or equipment, but find other characters you can switch to, each having their own abilities and challenges.

A few things I'd like a little different, mostly around the map: I wish the map better recorded things like doorways, statues, and prisoners. It was kind of hard to go back and get another character and then try to remember what I was doing, especially if I'm not playing the game all in one go. Also, if the game respawns all monsters when I enter a room, it shouldn't respawn any so close to the door. In a few places it is almost impossible to enter a room without getting hit because the monster spawns right there in front of the doorway.

Those are just minor things, overall the game is very playable and very enjoyable. Thank you for writing and posting.

I liked it :D  It has some unique vibe about it               : )

Thanks for the game!

I liked the idea of a metroidvania where your abilities are actually your characters. The music and visuals are stylish, the controls are smooth. All interactions are very juicy too, which made experience so much more entertaining and attractive.

Great  game i throughly enjoyed it love every aspect. Always preferred the games like this that i can just pick up and play.

Short and fun



PLEASE KEEP CONTINUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bom demais!!

Very cool little game! I wanted to go back and kill Dracula's pets after finishing the game, though, and bugs began piling up as soon as I left the village :(

Wow wow wow! This game is awesome.  that retro vibes are unbelievable. I love it!!!

I really loved this game! So simple and adorable!

help im lost i got the witch but i dont know where to go!

(3 edits) (+1)

So I came across a pretty big bug in the Windows version that seems to make progress impossible for me. After finding the Insect character, I went back to town, saved my game, switched to it and quit. When I wanted to play more a couple days later... this happened.

Any time I get to the castle entrance screen, my character is changed to the Witch - and the attack button doesn't work. Going back towards the village, I'm then changed to the Knight, who also cannot attack and no longer has a walking animation. All three characters are in the village and I can change to them but it just happens again, even when I'm the Witch I lose my ability to attack (and my cat) any time I reach the castle entrance.

So. Yeah. No idea what might be causing this.

Edit: The bug persists through saving at the castle entrance, exiting and restarting the game too.


I've got the same bug in the Mac version :(

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really like the game but damn, i suck, haha i can't find all the villagers lol - WAIT! I finally figured it out, not sure if this is true but you need bugmeister to reach those other spots haha. I was bug(pun intended)ging out cuz I didn't see anywhere else to go. Really great game!!!!


normally don't enjoy metroidvania types because i get lost but this one was easy to navigate even with the simple style, and so cute.

Amazing work. Nicely polished.

(1 edit) (+2)

when I press space in the title screen it just flashes white and nothing happens (at least in browser)

I like how finding and recruiting new characters makes the castle more accessible. It's a nice twist on normal metroidvania progression. 


Had a fun time playing this in the browser after finding it in the megabundle.

So does this game has any kind of ending? beat dracula with bugmeister, found 13 villagers and now?

What an interesting, unique, and all around awesome lighting system!  Its really dynamic.  I'd love to know more about how it was pulled off!  I loved the game and found 11 villagers.  Great work!


I can't beat Dracula with the Witch. Can you challenge him with anyone else?

This seems rather weak as a Metroidvania. Most Metroidvanias have collectibles and powerups everywhere to encourage exploration, but here it seems to be effectively just a linear path with a lot of dead ends.

Wait till he's in bat form and keep him there (don't kill all the bats). You can follow close to him and just spam from below.


I beat Dracula, unlocked Bugmeister and found all (11?) villagers. Is there supposed to be any kind of formal ending?

I found 11/10 villagers too! Maybe the "real" ending is after you clear the dungeon where the other bug says Dracula kept his "pets"? But I cannot beat it, I keep dying...


Very good game. Art is fantastic. A great metroidvania. Congratulations.

Love this, the colours and style are spot on.

stuck with some zombies...

Its awesome. I'm playing from my phone trough the "play in browser" option and with an 8bitdo controller but there's no music only fx. Can you please do an android apk version? It would be the best . thank you.

This game is beautiful! I love all the enemy sprites and the animations are very satisfying, the music is also very catchy. Good Job! :D


this game is very nice but the control are trash seriously you should Ad a way to custom the controls because seriously jump with d! 


Looks awesome. Can you make a 64bit version for macOS so it runs on Catalina 10.15.x?

It can run in web now!


this game was excellent. really fun killing enemies with a satisfying attack. it's cool there's multiple playable characters. the gameboy feel was spot on with its aspect ratio, controls, and chiptune soundtrack. my only gripe is that it's not playable on gameboy lol. superb work!

Won't launch on Linux (Debian 10, in my case).


won't launch on itch app on macOS


Hey...uh is there a win64 version ?

Great game! There is some glitches here and there, and some design problems (like entering the room with enemies inside the player), but this game was made for a game jam, so nothing more fair than to ignore these details. The game was very fun and would love to see more like this (without the green and black graphics, which I don't like).

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