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this game is very nice but the control are trash seriously you should Ad a way to custom the controls because seriously jump with d! 

Looks awesome. Can you make a 64bit version for macOS so it runs on Catalina 10.15.x?

this game was excellent. really fun killing enemies with a satisfying attack. it's cool there's multiple playable characters. the gameboy feel was spot on with its aspect ratio, controls, and chiptune soundtrack. my only gripe is that it's not playable on gameboy lol. superb work!

Won't launch on Linux (Debian 10, in my case).

won't launch on itch app on macOS


Hey...uh is there a win64 version ?

Great game! There is some glitches here and there, and some design problems (like entering the room with enemies inside the player), but this game was made for a game jam, so nothing more fair than to ignore these details. The game was very fun and would love to see more like this (without the green and black graphics, which I don't like).

Lovely game! Reminds me a bit of WarioLand..  Well done!

Is there anyway to reset progress? I've tried to relaunch the game but it doesn't seem to stay saved. Maybe implement a 'new game' and 'continue game' in the main title? Or even just a reset button in the menu would do.

Is there any way to make the window larger?


This whole little project is great, but the level design really stuck out! I gave this game a shoutout in my latest episode of my youtube channel. I talk about Cuckoo Castle at the part where I talk about level design. Nice work!

Thanks for mentioning our game in your video Jack! Glad you enjoyed the game! :D

Thanks for checking out the video! I'm glad you liked it. Keep up the good work!

can u play my game

Sure! I'll check it out as soon as I get the chance! 

The whole aesthetics of this great metroidvania are so goddamn great. <3 Not just that the pixel art is wonderful, but also the music and sound design! It remembered me of the good ol' childhood days with the GameBoy, and not just because of the style. :) You also managed to implement some fun mechanics in there, and the fighting animations were super slick! A wonderful game, which I gladly recommended in a little article on our blog as well as I uploaded a short gameplay video of it. :) Thank you so much!

Best wishes,

Hey Sebastian, thanks for taking the time to play our little game! Thank you so much for the praise, the article and the video. It warms my heart to hear you enjoyed it so much, and I think it's safe to say in behalf all of us 3 that THIS is why we make games. :D

I'm super glad when I can be a little part of *THIS*! :D


I'm starting to get really interested in coding and making games I've learned html 5 pretty well. I was wondering what program you used to make this game? 

Thank you :D

Overall I think this is a good game, but it needs a bit of work to reach it's full potential.

Good things:
Great palette and use of palette changes and lighting.
Fun gameplay, if a little too much filler passages at times.
Good overall conceit.

Right-clicking on the screen creates a firewall effect that harms the player but not enemies.

No savegame!!!
No explanation of controls in download file. Fine if you've got internet access, if not...
InCREDIBLY slow. Try running this on an atom processor. For a game with this low a resolution, it -should- run on a gameboy.
Hitboxes are unclear - one assumes the sword is the edge of the hitbox, but it's in front of the swish of air in front of the sword that is the edge. This leads the player to get too close and get hurt.
No fullscreen and screen does not expand properly for non-standard resolutions (1078x600)
Unclear at times - NPC's ask questions and it's not clear whether you're supposed to or able to interact.
Dead end tunnels.

Clicking 'Q' on the piggies could teleport back to the previous piggie, so that you can 'Q' yourself back through the levels but not right back to the start unless you want to.

This is pretty fun. Wish there was a way to change the controls though. 

Did the secret villager challenge @ _ @

This is really awesome, but I do have two complaint: when you pull up the map, the game does not actually pause - meaning there is no way to pause, period. Getting killed on your way back to the savepoint after rescuing the last, secret villager, because you had to 'pause' to answer the phone, is no fun :(

On Arch Linux you could get the error (with 32 bits packages), by installing this package from AUR it resolve the issue :

Maybe a 64bits version can avoid that. Otherwise great game, a bit too small to play on PC though! :D

Related (For 64 bits Manjaro users)

Besides AUR's lib32-libnotify there are some other packages that need to be installed too:

lib32-gtk3 (removing lib32-gtk3-classic)

I think that's enough to pull the dependency chain necessary for running this game. If not, just read console output then ask for help. :)

I love it when someone successfully recreates a classic style. Good job on this game. The visuals are nice and the music is very classic GameBoy. I dig it.

How do you fullscreen this game?


What am I missing on linux? When I try to run the game I get this:

error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Yeah me too, haven't found a solution yet

its the same problem with other games from

Can someone help