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Really awesome LoZ-homage roguelight and one of my first actual attempts at playing a roguelike outside Space Beast Terror Fright. I really loved it and wouldn't mind seeing an expanded version in the future (:

Fun thing I found out, if you use left and right click, you can place and destroy blocks.

i cant run the games it only says: "some features may be unavailable.please check that the profile exists and you have permission to read and write its contents" , and it just opens this thing called NW.JS please help!


Hey Cat, Have you unzipped the contents of the game archive somewhere before running the game? It might be that the game has some dependencies on files it can't find when running the .exe without unzipping.


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This game is great. While its quite simple, which is an advantage, the game feel is amazing. The camera, animation, controls and movement, art, and lighting are all great. While the mechanic depth of the game is shallow, this makes it feel super deep. It was made in a game jam, so there was obviously a short time to make the game, but I think the enemies should feel a little more orthogonal. Super good though.

at first look the game is pretty good :D

Hi! I really liked your game! I spent way more time playing this game than I should have - I have assignments to do! Thought I would leave you some feedback.

It took me a few moments to get used to control scheme, but soon i realised the controls were very much like an old-school controller. Awesome!

The way the light came out of the character and lit up tunnels as you moved around them was a really nice detail that I think more games should have.

I thought the "Rollerpig" character was a bit overpowered. all I had to do was hold down the roll/attack button and everything in front of me would die. The only time I seemed to take damage was when I would hit a wall and characters would come at me from behind. All I had to do was get into a habit of turning before I hit walls and I pretty much lived forever.

As a way of saying thanks, I have tipped you five dollars! Thanks for putting your creation up and inspiring new game devs like me!

Hey Gargit, sorry for the late reply. I've been on holiday for a while. :) Thanks for your kind words and your donation! And yes Rollerpig is broken. xD I find Ratbone even more broken myself though. Exploring different playstyles for characters in this gamejam ended in some being OP. I really enjoy their distinct feels though, I might want to revisit this class based gameplay in another game in the future. :)

I really enjoyed this! LOVE the Gameboy aesthetic mixed with modern juice and lighting, awesome visual polish in here. I think Rollerpig's invincibility made the game way too easy, but part of me doesn't care because I had a ton of fun using it, haha... at least until Level 14 or so when his rolling ability stopped working for me. I played a little bit as Ratbone too, and his ability was great! Seriously, I love how great it feels to defeat enemies in this game. Awesome job!


Amazing ! The game is really well done in every manner : graphics are pleasant to the eye, gameplay is very natural and fun !

Thanks Pyrofoux :)

Any way you can make an executable version? My sister adores this and wants it for her laptop.

Not right now. : I haven't opened the project since 2015 so there might be some issues I need to fix before I can build. I'll take a look tomorrow. :)

That's all good, we can be patient! This is a delightfully awesome piece, for sure.

I added a windows version. Works on my machine. :p


AWESOME! Now, if only Bob & Dob could be expanded to have 10+ hours of gameplay. Just kidding. Thanks so much! You do great work.

Haha, I'll probably make a windows version of that one as well. But it needs a bit more work into the game itself before I get to that. Thanks for the puchase btw. I really appreciate the support. :)