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U could edit the map of the floor by right (Delete brick) or left (Add brick) click (it's a mouse);

Also u could re-generate the floor by [R] button.

Cool game, anyway; 8/10

I found a glitch where you can get any character...

after selecting slash chicken move over to a different character and select them.

that's how u do it.

can you make a feature so that when you are playing as slashchicken if you attack a coin you collect it.

When Gameboy color ROM?

Not gonna happen, based purely off of the resolution of the game

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Really enjoyable game. I found an error, or rather some not switched off part of code, which allow player to remove walls or add new ones using right and left mouse buttons :). 

Very good game! I enjoyed the retro vibe very much! yet I got soft locked when throwing my boomerang through a vase corner as a rat and I was unable to pick it up and progress ):

This is the best game to convey how cool the gameplay can be in a game! But unfortunately there is no plot in the game, money is collected very quickly, and there is almost nothing to spend it on. But I'm very pleased!!

this is an addicting game and i luv it


What engine/language did you use to make this?

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Zelda music


Played till floor 12, roller pig is too OP, Great game!!

was the infinite height glitch intended for rollerpig. To do it, spam D and F at the same time

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you have infinite jumps as any character

really fun and enjoyed it and rollerpig is so op!😂


I tought the slashchiken was the weakest character in the game, i was so wrong.

Really liked the game, looking forward to play Mighty Goose soon, hope to see more of your work.


i enjoyed roller pig until floor 32


I can't stand devs that pass off a Gameboy palleted game as a "GAMEBOY" game rom. :/ please remove the tag if it's there. 

Nice looking game but not interested.

there a bug that make the pig cannot roll side way

i lov it :)

Nicely Done!

love it. 5 / 5


cool game but the roller pig dude is practically invincible, the bug summon one is very hard to use, and maybe add some quality of life changes to the tomahawk rat (like two or three in total or autoretrieve)

you dont have to do the rat changes as it could be some challenge run thing but very cool concepts


on the home screen you can choose a character and then switch to one you haven't unlocked while it's loading. Then you can use that character without unlocking it...


this game is fun but the pig is too op 

Does this game have an ending?

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Roller pig OP got him and immediately got to floor 23 with hundreds of coins, actually made it a bit boring.  If you make and update make the pig attack timed so there are some vulnerability windows.  But great game thanks for making/uploading!


super nice, pretty and spectrumesque... I liked very much.


OMG Rollerpig


1. pick rollerpig

2. hold down the attack button at all times

3. win


Is it just me or is roller pig the best one

Is roller pig a Something About Mary reference? lol


How you made this light effect??


Softlocked... can't get out.


hit "R" it will restart the room and make it have a different layout.


Doors have gravity and I dont know how I feel about it


Found a bug where if you shoot a blob using Swarmbug (not sure if it works with the other projectile characters) upward into the ceiling, when it splits some of them actually spawn in the ceiling and get stuck. Not sure if guaranteed.

if you confirm your character then put the cursor over a locked character during the transition, you can play as locked characters now. This bug is actually pretty funny. Overall the game is fun but I'm bad at video games so I didn't get very far.


Left click mouse to place block, Right click to delete.

lol, that actually worked.


Put some info on controls at the start of the game. Also, they are not intuitive.
I had a room with nowhere to go. Just a blocked wall. Worked after refreshing the website.

Uhhhh, i got softlocked. I'll have to refresh i guess

Love the game, but could you allow for changing keybindes

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I love the game! I made a post about it on my blog: It really  delighted me when even after doing a keybind of the basic controls to my controller how dynamic the gameplay still was (for those curious.) I can't believe this is free, 500% replayable. Solid!

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