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The monsters are a bit to difficult if you ask me because sometimes they would be waiting for me and I would not be able to go down because the monsters were right there. Other than that amazing game.

for the most part, you can also attack downward and basically sword pogo on top of the enemies.


Oh ok thanks

I skipped the RollerPig and bought it the last for some reason hahah) Characters are pretty original, sounds are great and the whole style


Love the style. Fun too. RollerPig OP

It is a very entertaining and visually nostalgic game. I am trying to learn how to create video games precisely to make these types of games. But I have a hard time learning to program

Thats why you get GB Studio, my dude.  its a no programming required game making engine specifically designed to make games that can actually be played on a gameboy.  ive been learning for a while with PixelPete on youtube and its quite easy.

Fun to play. Rollerpig is practically cheating


Rollerpig is awesoem

Fun game! :3 

I love this game <3

this is rly cute

Is an actual Game Boy version possible? Love it.

This is a very fun game that I enjoyed greatly but the progression through the different characters was a bit weird. The first character was the most balanced, the second was overpowered, the third and fourth couldn't really fight the enemies well. Other than that I really enjoyed this game and it's mechanics.

well i think that its okay cause if you think that the game is hard you use rolepig if your normal stay with chicken if you are good with strategy you use the third and fourth and you have to buy them so you have to play alot

I loved it! This is basically the game I've been searching for for about a month! I found this thing where if I mess around with my 0-9 keys on the right side of my keyboard, it can change the lighting a whole bunch. It helped though, cause I was struggling to see on my laptop, and it lit it up. Still a great game! Keep on rocking!


I found it was to easy but other than that it was a great game.

Great game ! Ty very much.

Interesting game, but was soft locked 3 times in my playthrough, twice at room 8, once at room 11

you can use rigth click to destroy blocks


nice game but I found a bug if you press play on a character you have unlocked then quickly switch to another character you play as the character you switched too.

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I got stuck in a room in floor 4, I went in and killed slimes. Afterwards the entrance to the room closed. Otherwise great game

yeah, i got softlocked at floor 11


im softlocked at floor 8


The game is great! I really like your art style, the characters are all very cute and charming. I'm curious what technique you used to create the lighting effects, it looks awesome! Keep up the good work dude.

I liked it a lot! 8.5/10 the art was utterly charming, and the animation and different enemy/player classes were cool, but a little buggy in a couple different ways. I also love rollerpig's jump. :D (Though other comments are right that RP is a little OP)

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POG game, roller pig is op af 8.5/10

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i had a bug where ratbone threw the bone through the wall and out of the level please fix this although it was hilarious


Fun game to play once on each character.  Swarm bug and rat dude runs will be super short tho because they are terrible.  Rollerpig is so overpowered that I eventually got bored and quit on floor 54 with full hp.  The starting character is honestly the most balanced.

This game is super addictive, and whilst it seems difficult at first it certainly seems that everything comes with practice. Honestly it's no surprise how great this game is with all of the unique characters, endless levels and to top it off the pixel art and limited colour palette are perfect for the vibe of this entire game. Overall, my only criticism would be that it seems the 'rollerpig' character is a little overpowered due to the fact it call roll indefinitely, this means it can negate a majority of damage, and by the time it is low on health it is able to level up and heal. Whilst this might not be the most suitable option I feel that perhaps making it so this character can only roll for a certain time period may improve the overall balance, though of course this is just my opinion it is perfectly fine if anyone else's thoughts differ.

This is really fun but I have a question. Might be dumb question but, is there any way to run the game as a .gb file?

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It's a really good game, but Rollerpig is a bit op whilst fun, maybe make it the final character? The other characters feel weird after playing Roller

I also had fun figuring out you could place and delete blocks after that review, and made swarmbug a nice little home out of bounds.


Reached floor 15 with Rollerpig, as well as level 8, I think the game is far too repetitive to ever visit more than once and by level 10 I was having thoughts about moving on, the characters are very unbalanced (Ratbone being very incompetent) but they basically function as different difficulty levels now which is fine. The only incentive to replay is to find gold and unlock every character but I managed to get more than enough gold in one run and still have some leftover, if there were buffs, armor, or weapons to find I believe I would have played more than two runs but as the game is currently: An above mediocre rogue-lite with little to no depth and good controls. Play once.

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I wish you could rebind the keys (as I'm used to moving with WASD and not arrow keys), or use controller for it.

This is amazing for a 7DRL.

I played it with all of the characters, and Rollerpig is by far the best.


Genuinely really fun and people didn't seem to like the click and right click creating and deleting blocks but it saved me since, I believe it's a bug, there was a stage where I couldn't progress because rollingpig couldn't break the vase in front of the door, and when I removed a few blocks, I was finally able to progress. Maybe try and find a way to keep vases from loading in front of doors? Great game, though, I spent like an hour on it since it reminded me of games I used to play as a kid! 

Of course it's going to have it's bugs, as a game made in a week.  My floor 14 was so full of enemies Rollingpig couldn't even attack properly and had zero acceleration in rolling mode.

this has so many bugs... and you forgot to take out the click thingy. i guess is a remnant from your level editor but left click creates blocks and right click deletes blocks.

I love the graphics. And the light effect. Not sure if this is a known bug, or if I am not understanding... but I entered a room, and then was stuck. And I used my mouse to click on the screen, and anywhere I clicked, the light went out. And then I was stuck in place, in the dark.

I really love this game, good pixel art and gameplay, really looking foward for your amazing work :) .

I was sucked in for an hour and I didn't close the game until I opened all the characters and by the way about the characters they are just great, they all have original mechanics only the pig is too op

its pretty fun but does get a little repetitive. I got to floor 28 or something and just got a little bored. i like the controls, they feel great. the music is nice too except for when "boss music" plays but there isn't really any boss. one time i spawned in a level/room with no exit or any way to go. the artwork is nice but i wish uncovering the torches would do more for you or something. nice job, thanks a lot.

This is a good game, I like the gameboy feel

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