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I also had fun figuring out you could place and delete blocks after that review, and made swarmbug a nice little home out of bounds.

Reached floor 15 with Rollerpig, as well as level 8, I think the game is far too repetitive to ever visit more than once and by level 10 I was having thoughts about moving on, the characters are very unbalanced (Ratbone being very incompetent) but they basically function as different difficulty levels now which is fine. The only incentive to replay is to find gold and unlock every character but I managed to get more than enough gold in one run and still have some leftover, if there were buffs, armor, or weapons to find I believe I would have played more than two runs but as the game is currently: An above mediocre rogue-lite with little to no depth and good controls. Play once.

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I wish you could rebind the keys (as I'm used to moving with WASD and not arrow keys), or use controller for it.

This is amazing for a 7DRL.

I played it with all of the characters, and Rollerpig is by far the best.

Genuinely really fun and people didn't seem to like the click and right click creating and deleting blocks but it saved me since, I believe it's a bug, there was a stage where I couldn't progress because rollingpig couldn't break the vase in front of the door, and when I removed a few blocks, I was finally able to progress. Maybe try and find a way to keep vases from loading in front of doors? Great game, though, I spent like an hour on it since it reminded me of games I used to play as a kid! 

Of course it's going to have it's bugs, as a game made in a week.  My floor 14 was so full of enemies Rollingpig couldn't even attack properly and had zero acceleration in rolling mode.

this has so many bugs... and you forgot to take out the click thingy. i guess is a remnant from your level editor but left click creates blocks and right click deletes blocks.

I love the graphics. And the light effect. Not sure if this is a known bug, or if I am not understanding... but I entered a room, and then was stuck. And I used my mouse to click on the screen, and anywhere I clicked, the light went out. And then I was stuck in place, in the dark.

I really love this game, good pixel art and gameplay, really looking foward for your amazing work :) .

I was sucked in for an hour and I didn't close the game until I opened all the characters and by the way about the characters they are just great, they all have original mechanics only the pig is too op

its pretty fun but does get a little repetitive. I got to floor 28 or something and just got a little bored. i like the controls, they feel great. the music is nice too except for when "boss music" plays but there isn't really any boss. one time i spawned in a level/room with no exit or any way to go. the artwork is nice but i wish uncovering the torches would do more for you or something. nice job, thanks a lot.

This is a good game, I like the gameboy feel

Love this game! A couple of bugs and I got stuck in one level but I really enjoyed it!!

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The game is pretty nice, i really enjoyed it! 😊 couldn't help but wonder if there's a level limit tho😅

found glitch where you can be any one with out having to pay 

just spam f to start but while doing so select any one

please fix


Doesn't work can't select character. Tried clicking with the mouse, space enter qwertyuioopasdgjfdghkl;'zcxn b,bg and nothing happens

the controls are D & F, F is for attacking and D is for jumping. To start, press F.

great game! loved the selection of characters and the gameboy aesthetic. felt very much like an old gb game with some modern appointments. the slowmo moves were ridiculous but very entertaining. the game gets stale after the first dozen levels, but what was made is very impressive, and in a week no less. just like cuckoo castle, if this was ever expanded into a retail game, i'd definitely pick it up. kudos!

Los controles son D para saltar y F atacar por si estan atascados en la seleccion de personaje. hay un bug de que si aprietas F mas de una vez en el menu y te mueves puedes seleccionar personajes que no tienes comprados, y me quede atascado en una habitacion completamente cerrada sin salida. esta bien el juego hay uno que otro error pero me gusta.

I'm stuck in the character select

Press F to start.


I don't know how to play the game at all, unclear instructions? stuck on level 1

Arrow keys = movement. F = attack. D = jump. You have infinite jumps also.


Im at floor 41 the game is crashing, too many mobs spawning, all hell has broken loose

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This is really fun! The idea of getting through a dungeon where you can fly is cool, and the combat that comes that is fun, and helped alot by the slow motion thing that happens when you kill multiple enemies at once. However, i feel like you should get extra coins from that and that there should be more things that start the slow mo effect, like killing an enemy without touching the ground or holding your own against multiple enemies when they're coming fromt the sides. I also think rollerpig is way too unbalanced (he can become invincibe but can't attack enemies below him) which is quite annoying, and swarm bug is way too OP. However,  slashchicken is perfect. The levels sometimes generate with the way out next to you too, however this seems to be mainly on the earlier levels. I also think that there should be more use for coins, maybe you can buy a pallete? The spriting is perfect though, the charectors are cute and the circle light effect thing is super cool. Overall, really good game and one of the best game jam ones i've seen!

Edit: The right click place left click destroy is way too OP.

Love music! goof game art!

Its a fun little game and great art, but rollerpig definitley needs a counter. Some enemy that unfolds rollerpigs rolling motion and makes him vulnerable, because so far its too easy. Got to Level 25 holding F down constantly. At least make him unable to fly while rolling.

Proposal: if you die, you can spend 10*<level you're on> money to get revived with 1/2 HP. I say this because, after you unlock everyone, you're just done with money

Hey, sometimes as Rollerpig, the game just decides to stop me from rolling. I hold f and an arrow, and he just doesn't move. I can still attack, but only if I'm jumping.

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This game is really cool but I just wish there were a bit more colors (in the downloaded version) and possibly special moves but one main thing that I would like if there was like level selection a bit like mario world and possibly a shop

Wow very nice music

Wow! this is awesome, the combat feels really good, and the game in general is really cool!


Fun stuff!  Rollerpig seems to be basically invincible - just keep rolling!  But hey, that made it fun to see lots of levels and grab enough gold to unlock and checkout the other characters.  Great aesthetic, music and feel!  :)

i suck at this game

Fluent platformer gameplay with intense combat elements, complemented with rough enemy AI, interesting protagonists using different powers, excellent soundtrack, impressive lighting and fancy special effects of occasional anime-style slow motion - that might overload your machine, so watch out - along with experience points system of RPG flavor, all make this wonderful game, but unfortunately, it is a roguelike, so apparently no conclusion or narrative sense of progress!


I got to floor 35. Love this game, play it every day.


So here's my bug catcher review :L

1.  Left click: Place block

2. Right Click: remove block

3.  2 Doors can be on top of each other -  DONT WORRY THOUGH!  You can still enter even though it looks like only one door :L

4. Space spawns the last enemy you saw/ attacked, at the mouse position.

5. Spawning yourself inside a block ( or an enemy ) renders the entity unmovable.  You can always free it though.  

6. Ratbone's disappearing bone act

That's all for now, I'm out!

Hi there! Your game is sooo cool!  I really like the concept for swarmbug, and I was wondering if I could use it and the rollerpig in a game I'm making (with credit of course)?  That would be amazing! Even if not, you're truly talented and this game is amazing. 

Thank you for your time,

-Fire Kiwi


so good! roller pig is so broken! its perfect

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