this game was made for #7DRL 2015.
Music clips are from Poyon no dungeon room 2.

Take control of one of the strange heroes in Ducksoup Dungeon and see if you can beat the dungeon. This is a small platformer-roguelike game made for the seven day roguelike challenge.

controls: D, F and the arrow keys 

Play Cuckoo Castle!

Install instructions

Unzip folder and run the .exe

.exe is dependant on files inside the game folder.


ducksoupDungeon 47 MB


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I'm stuck in the character select

I don't know how to play the game at all, unclear instructions? stuck on level 1

Im at floor 41 the game is crashing, too many mobs spawning, all hell has broken loose

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This is really fun! The idea of getting through a dungeon where you can fly is cool, and the combat that comes that is fun, and helped alot by the slow motion thing that happens when you kill multiple enemies at once. However, i feel like you should get extra coins from that and that there should be more things that start the slow mo effect, like killing an enemy without touching the ground or holding your own against multiple enemies when they're coming fromt the sides. I also think rollerpig is way too unbalanced (he can become invincibe but can't attack enemies below him) which is quite annoying, and swarm bug is way too OP. However,  slashchicken is perfect. The levels sometimes generate with the way out next to you too, however this seems to be mainly on the earlier levels. I also think that there should be more use for coins, maybe you can buy a pallete? The spriting is perfect though, the charectors are cute and the circle light effect thing is super cool. Overall, really good game and one of the best game jam ones i've seen!

Edit: The right click place left click destroy is way too OP.

Love music! goof game art!

Its a fun little game and great art, but rollerpig definitley needs a counter. Some enemy that unfolds rollerpigs rolling motion and makes him vulnerable, because so far its too easy. Got to Level 25 holding F down constantly. At least make him unable to fly while rolling.

Proposal: if you die, you can spend 10*<level you're on> money to get revived with 1/2 HP. I say this because, after you unlock everyone, you're just done with money

Hey, sometimes as Rollerpig, the game just decides to stop me from rolling. I hold f and an arrow, and he just doesn't move. I can still attack, but only if I'm jumping.

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This game is really cool but I just wish there were a bit more colors (in the downloaded version) and possibly special moves but one main thing that I would like if there was like level selection a bit like mario world and possibly a shop

Wow very nice music

Wow! this is awesome, the combat feels really good, and the game in general is really cool!


Fun stuff!  Rollerpig seems to be basically invincible - just keep rolling!  But hey, that made it fun to see lots of levels and grab enough gold to unlock and checkout the other characters.  Great aesthetic, music and feel!  :)

i suck at this game

Fluent platformer gameplay with intense combat elements, complemented with rough enemy AI, interesting protagonists using different powers, excellent soundtrack, impressive lighting and fancy special effects of occasional anime-style slow motion - that might overload your machine, so watch out - along with experience points system of RPG flavor, all make this wonderful game, but unfortunately, it is a roguelike, so apparently no conclusion or narrative sense of progress!


I got to floor 35. Love this game, play it every day.


So here's my bug catcher review :L

1.  Left click: Place block

2. Right Click: remove block

3.  2 Doors can be on top of each other -  DONT WORRY THOUGH!  You can still enter even though it looks like only one door :L

4. Space spawns the last enemy you saw/ attacked, at the mouse position.

5. Spawning yourself inside a block ( or an enemy ) renders the entity unmovable.  You can always free it though.  

6. Ratbone's disappearing bone act

That's all for now, I'm out!

Hi there! Your game is sooo cool!  I really like the concept for swarmbug, and I was wondering if I could use it and the rollerpig in a game I'm making (with credit of course)?  That would be amazing! Even if not, you're truly talented and this game is amazing. 

Thank you for your time,

-Fire Kiwi


so good! roller pig is so broken! its perfect

Hey if your still working ducksoup dungeon 2 here are a few suggestions! Balance roller pig i don't know how but please do it. Make upgrades maybe 3 tiers and the final tier should cost 1500 gold for each character the only one i can think of is have rat bone's bone come back to him well thanks for reading this if you are. :)

I... got stuck because there were no doors to the next floor xD
Great game tho! I love rolling piggy, so much fun :D

Same, except, the first time i the room didn't appear for me.


I did not expect so many different play styles, awesome game :)

I got a game juice overdose. This game is awesome, congrats!

Awesome game! Wish there were like ten more characters to unlock.

I pretty much have the same things to say as everyone else: simple fun, rollerpig is way too OP, sometimes the random generation causes issues [I had one level where the entrance and exit doors spawned on the same space and there was a pointless loop and nothing else...]

I do have a few other things to note though:

-Swarmbug and Ratbone are pretty neat concepts for characters imo, but while Swarmbug kind of works, I think Ratbone isn't good at all on account of the bone, while powerful, can potentially get lost somewhere and you have absolutely no means of defending yourself without it. Also, all characters except Rollerpig have immense difficulty with any enemies that are below and especially above them.

-The necromancer enemy has two problems, one of them just more serious than the other: problem one is you can very easily grind XP by just letting him spawn infinite minions and killing them, but the super serious problem is that rooms that have a lot of necromancers can cause the game to lag pretty bad and also make Rollerpig unable to roll around?? [His one weakness I suppose]

-Once you unlock every character, there's no real point to gold and the game has no real goal outside of "go to the deepest level possible" [not a bad thing per se but still]. Also, an options menu with volume control and keybinding is always nice.

Overall, a pretty nice game though :)

Did you know that you can hold up- or down-arrow and attack up/down? With slashchicken, you can almost infinite hover with down attacks, and up attacks hover enemies permanently!


Nice game, simple yet engaging gameplay loop. But, having said that, Rollerpig is truly  OP. 


Brilliant lighting concept.

BTW, I got to floor 8 and there was no exit door.  The I realised that clicking enables me to add blocks, and righ-clicking lets me remove them. So I ended up deleting almost everything and the birdie just fell out of the screen...

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Fun. Reached floor 36 with no problem using Roller Pig who is way too overpowered (just hold F the entire time) until I could no longer progress because a block formed in the way of the only path to the exit. Wish the keys D and F were customizable. There seemed to be a memory problem in which the game slows down due to skeleton production but the lag persists even to new rooms. Dying and starting over with a new character solved the issue.

Good game.

Spectacular game, really!

The movement mechanics are very fluid and the color palette is simply beautiful.

It took me a while to realise there is infinite jump, at first I thought I was walljumping :P

shame that it doesn't save your progress :( 

This is where I got after ~2 hours of playing, but I closed it afterwards and didn't get to try out the unlockable characters.

Great work, good luck with Ducksoup Dungeon 2!

Wow, you're good. I've been grinding every day for a week and my highest is 29.


Thanks, though I rely mostly on spamming attacks (especially when slow motion kicks in). Also, you can essentially hover in place while attacking downwards, which is a good way to clear out enemy stacks. 


Yup, I'm using the same tactics ;) Slashchicken is the only useable character for later levels in my opinion. If Bonerat can't get his bone back, he's as good as dead.


fun but u cant make it more than a few levels before it bugs out

How is it bugging out? I've managed to get to level 29 without any bugs.

This is a really fun game although id like to say that if you start the game and quickly choose another character you can play as them even if they are not unlocked.

I found one level that had the exit blocked btw.

floor 14 is my best

floor 16

I finally managed to beat my floor 16 run.

I died next to the entrance to floor 20.

level 30

Honestly, after playing for multiple hours, this game is actually amazing. Good Job.

Multiple hours? wowow! :D Thank you for playing Watermelonica! ^^


what are the controls???

Look mate. Read the description


Is  there a secret character to unlock??!!


What do you mean? There are only four characters that I'm aware of.

Neat little game! Yeah piggy is invincible, but the concepts are well executed for what it is!

This is a cool pixel roguelike game for anyone who feels nostalgic about Gameboy games!

Love the graphics. Super fun too!

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