by @ziryf and @rilemtwit

this game was made for #7DRL 2015.
Music clips are from Poyon no dungeon room 2.

We took our shot at a roguelike. It may not have all the features that define a true roguelike, but we did our best to make a fun little game within the theme.

controls: D, F and the arrow keys

Warning, the game is a gamejam entry and has unfixed issues.
You might find yourself stuck or seeing weird shit happening in the dungeon :D

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Published8 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
TagsSeven Day Roguelike Challenge, Action RPG, gameboy, Platformer, Roguelike
Player countSingleplayer


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ducksoupDungeon 47 MB


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I really enjoyed this! LOVE the Gameboy aesthetic mixed with modern juice and lighting, awesome visual polish in here. I think Rollerpig's invincibility made the game way too easy, but part of me doesn't care because I had a ton of fun using it, haha... at least until Level 14 or so when his rolling ability stopped working for me. I played a little bit as Ratbone too, and his ability was great! Seriously, I love how great it feels to defeat enemies in this game. Awesome job!

Amazing ! The game is really well done in every manner : graphics are pleasant to the eye, gameplay is very natural and fun !

Thanks Pyrofoux :)

Any way you can make an executable version? My sister adores this and wants it for her laptop.

Not right now. : I haven't opened the project since 2015 so there might be some issues I need to fix before I can build. I'll take a look tomorrow. :)

That's all good, we can be patient! This is a delightfully awesome piece, for sure.

I added a windows version. Works on my machine. :p

AWESOME! Now, if only Bob & Dob could be expanded to have 10+ hours of gameplay. Just kidding. Thanks so much! You do great work.

Haha, I'll probably make a windows version of that one as well. But it needs a bit more work into the game itself before I get to that. Thanks for the puchase btw. I really appreciate the support. :)