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Fluent platformer gameplay with intense combat elements, complemented with rough enemy AI, interesting protagonists using different powers, excellent soundtrack, impressive lighting and fancy special effects of occasional anime-style slow motion - that might overload your machine, so watch out - along with experience points system of RPG flavor, all make this wonderful game, but unfortunately, it is a roguelike, so apparently no conclusion or narrative sense of progress!

I got to floor 35. Love this game, play it every day.


So here's my bug catcher review :L

1.  Left click: Place block

2. Right Click: remove block

3.  2 Doors can be on top of each other -  DONT WORRY THOUGH!  You can still enter even though it looks like only one door :L

4. Space spawns the last enemy you saw/ attacked, at the mouse position.

5. Spawning yourself inside a block ( or an enemy ) renders the entity unmovable.  You can always free it though.  

6. Ratbone's disappearing bone act

That's all for now, I'm out!

Hi there! Your game is sooo cool!  I really like the concept for swarmbug, and I was wondering if I could use it and the rollerpig in a game I'm making (with credit of course)?  That would be amazing! Even if not, you're truly talented and this game is amazing. 

Thank you for your time,

-Fire Kiwi

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